iBET Registration Guideline|30 seconds to become an iBET member

iBET provides free registration service online. From the moment you become an iBET member , you can enjoy with iBET iTV-live sports channel and  iBET iMOVIE-online movie play. Now you can follow the registration step below to become an iBET member.

iBET Registration Graphic Guideline

iBET having a simple and fastest way for registration, moving your fingers and start with it~

Step 1:

Open iBET Online Casino Home Page, click the “sign up” in the upper right.

Step 2:

Follow the website instructions to enter your “User Name“, “Password“, “Full Name“, “Mobile“, tick “Terms & Conditions“, and click “Sign Up” to complete registration.

iBET Registration Video Guideline

iBET has prepared a more detailed registration video tutorial for you, the sooner you join iBET, the more benefits you get.

If you have successfully registered, you can continue with iBET Profile Activation or refer to the current iBET Promotion.