iBET Profile Activation Guideline  l Let you iBET Freely

With the perfect membership system in iBET, we strictly protect our member personal data and financial security, as long as you complete the Profile Activation, and you can enjoy all the services and benefits from iBET.

iBET profile activation graphic tutorial

Dear iBET’s member, please sign in your member account at iBET Home Page, and follow the tutorial to have your profile activation.

Step 1:

Please click on your “Member Account” for more option, then click on the “Profile” to enter your profile change.

Step 2:

Please fill in the information for each field and click on the gray shield which beside “Wechat“, “Mobile“, “E-Mail” for verification, once verified and shield will be displayed in green. You can get a free deposit if there is a verification activity during the moment then click on “Save” for completion.

Step 3:

In order to enhance the speeding of deposit, withdrawal and fund security in iBET, please click on the “Account Details” and fill with your two commonly used bank account number for binding. Click on “Save” after completion.

iBET Profile Activation Video Tutorial

Complete the iBET profile activation in a simple and easy way with the video tutorial below.

Congratulation if you have completed with the steps above for iBET’s profile activation and you can continue to understand for iBET Deposit Guideline or check whether there is a free trial for current iBET Promotion.