iBET In-Site Transfer Guideline  l Start the Betting

iBET provide dozen of International well-known online entertainment game products. iBET member should have your credit transfer to the selected gaming platform to secure your smooth bet and gaming limit.

iBET In-Site Transfer Graphic Guideline

iBET having two type of credit transfer to the selected gaming platform, try it now!

First Method:

Click on the “In-Site Transfer” at iBET Home Page.

Choose your “Transfer From” and “Transfer To” gaming platform then key in your “Transfer Amount” and click on “Submit” for the completion of In-Site Transfer.

Second Method:

You can manage your credit transfer to selected gaming platform by clicking “Play Now” and key in the “Transfer Amount” from the iBET Home Page and click on “Transfer and Play” to start betting.

iBET In-Site Transfer Video Guideline

iBET member can understand more about In-Site Transfer by viewing the video guideline.

iBET MASTER have prepared『gaming strategies』of all the popular gaming and the best betting way exclusive for all the iBET member. We believe you will like it and can’t wait to start the game!