iBET Withdrawal Guideline  l 20 Minutes efficiency guarantee

iBET not only has a fast deposit service, but also promises to complete ibet member’s withdrawal within 20 minutes. Now, we will explain a simple “withdrawal procedures” and problem solving for “withdrawal help“.

iBET Withdrawal Graphic Guideline

With the iBET 20 minutes withdrawal guarantee and you can have a great experience of winning in iBET.

Step 1:

Login your member account and click on “Withdrawal“.

Step 2:

Please fill in your “Payer’s Account“, “Withdrawal Amount” and click on “submit” for withdrawal application.

Step 3:

You can check the withdrawal status by clicking “Account History” after your submission.

Step 4:

Click on the “Transaction Records” under the page of Account Records for withdrawal status

*Status Indication: Green(Successful Withdrawal), Gray(Withdrawal Processing), Red(Withdrawal Failed)

iBET Withdrawal Video Guideline

iBET recorded a withdrawal application video to give you a quicker understanding of how to apply for a withdrawal online, watch the video now!

iBET provides our customers with a variety of safe, secure and convenient options to withdrawal, are you ready to have your gaming in our iBET?