iBET Deposit Guideline  l Fund Transfer Completed within 5 Minutes

iBET offers 24-hour, year-round deposit service. Professional financial and customer service staff strictly secure every single payment, do feel free to have your iBET deposit and enjoy with the betting.

iBET Deposit Graphic Guideline

Experience our 5 minutes fund transfer guaranteed.

Step 1:

Log in to iBET website and click on “Deposit“.

Step 2:

Choose a preferred iBET bank account for deposit transfer and select the banking account (Click the receiving account which shown in full name and account number).

Step 3:

Login your selected bank’s online banking website to perform the fund transfer to “iBET Receiving Account“.

Reminder from iBET: Please screen shot the payment slip upon completion of fund transfer.

Step 4:

Return to iBET Deposit page and fill in your “Deposit Amount” and click on “Next” for the submission to our financial team.

Step 5:

You can click on our “LIVE CHAT” after your submission and ask for the status of your deposit from our customer service.

iBET Deposit Video Guideline

You can easily have your mind remember after the first iBET Deposit. Watch below for the video guideline of deposit page display.

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