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iBET Best Promotions

Europian wave plus code RM888

iBET has the most well-known iBC sports handicap (iBIT SPORT) and international handicap IM sports, this European Union final “Chelsea VS Arsenal” wave bile quiz plus code RM888+RM288…

4D up to 12% bonus Malaysia’s best

iBET 4D iLottery Malaysia’s 4D betting is preferred. There is no limit to the number of bonuses and bonuses. You can get 12% of the reward for each deposit. No one can surpass the whole horse. Come and join us~

918Kiss Deposit Bonus RM88 per day

iBET 918Kiss allows you to bet your 918Kiss game with no worries. The 24-hour service team can easily score points and scores. You don’t have to pay for the agent in the agent or JACKPOT…

iBET Beginner Gudie

iBET Registration Guideline – Mobile 

iBET provides free registration service online. From the moment you become an iBET member , you can enjoy with iBET iTV-live sports channel and  iBET iMOVIE-online movie play. ..

iBET ATM Deposit Guideline – Mobile 

iBET Malaysia’s all-in-one online entertainment platform provides 24-hour money and money withdrawal services. This iBET general agent will teach you how to complete ATM deposit without uploading IC…

iBET Deposit Guideline – Mobile

iBET provides a 24-hour deposit and withdrawal service, allowing iBET members to entertain their mobile phones whenever and wherever they want, and now learn to deposit at iBET, guaranteeing 5 minutes of speed…

iBET MASTER AGENT Game Strategies

918Kiss Games winning rate competition Part2

iBET distributor provides Malaysia’s most valuable 918Kiss game test report, each game uses the same mode betting, open transparency, statistics and analysis of winning data, iBET members can…

918Kiss Games winning rate competition Part1

The iBET MASTER game team will use RM100 to bet 100 games per game, open the game process, winning amount, percentage of money, free games and other data, so iBET members…

Baccarat Betting Tips

iBET Live Casino is the most popular table game for iBET members. The baccarat rules are simple and easy to use. Many casino masters also choose to bet on baccarat to make a profit…

iMOVIE Featured Movie

iBET iMOVIE|Bumblebee

iBET iMOVIE HD movie is updated instantly. This iBET MASTER is recommended to iBET members. It is the first independent movie “Bumblebee” of the Transformers series. This movie will…

iBET iMOVIE|Aquaman

iBET iMOVIE new movie interface grand debut, I believe that iBET members can not wait, this selection is Warner Pictures, DC hero film “Neptune”, have you seen it?


iBET iMOVIE online movie free to watch, this selected “The Meg” (The Meg), “Jesson Starson” to bring you against prehistoric creatures, the overlord in the ocean “mega tooth shark”…